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Dual Type Decision

In case you haven't seen the decision... We have been paired with the Dragon Gym! I'm excited, and I would love to offer my services as a Graphic Artist for the new layout!

Examples of my work:

My main post of graphics is HERE!

I would also like to know how everyone else feels about this 'transition'. Also, any changes to our starters?


Figures decisions are all made while I'm on vacation. XD;

But awesome! Fire dragons sounds pretty awesome to me. :3 I already use Salamence on my team, so that's lucky.

As for starters, we should probably add Dratini to the bunch, then. I think Charmander would be a good addition, even though he's not a dragon-type, he still fits the overall theme, I think. ^.^

Your graphics are amazing. You definitely have my approval to make a new layout. :3 We should probably hook up with the dragon gym and see what their thoughts are, though.

And just because I'm curious, do you have a page of resources you use for your graphics? Or just any recommendations? I lost most of mine with my old computer, so I've been looking to stock up. ^.^
Actually, I think we get six! But, I was thinking that since the Dragon Gym has starters that are dual-typed like a Dragon-Flying/Dragon-Ground/Dragon-Water that we may want to make one of the pure fire starters another type? Like either switch Cyndaquil/Growlithe out for a dual-type fire pokemon (Infernape or something else?).

That'd be cool if we met with the Dragon Gym to decide stuff! ^____^

I have lots of fonts... I have some resources! Do you have Photoshop CS2?
Oh, awesome! There aren't a lot of dual-typed fire pokemon, but looking at a list there're some fairly good ones. Torchic doesn't start out dual-typed, but its evolutions are all fire-fighting. And Houndour is fire-dark. ^.^ I guess once things get started up again, we can have a vote or something to see what starters sound good to everyone.

I have Photoshop CS1, are any of them compatible? I've been thinking I should probably upgrade, but I don't know what any of the differences between CS1 and CS2 are, so I've been putting off doing it. ^^;
I don't think they are, but maybe I can catch you online for an upgrade? ;D
We should probably hook up with the dragon gym and see what their thoughts are, though.

Well I've got some of the dragon gym on my AIM list, but I haven't had any response from 'em, granted it was rather late at night, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. Though I hear the dragon gym leader has been MIA for sometime now. I've beaten the apprentice but can never find the leader on anytime to battle.
If the Leader's gone AWOL, then it may make it a lot easier for verie... I've heard(and seen)the same thing about their gym.
Yeah, I'm hoping to talk to the current dragon apprentice about having a two-apprentice set-up so that if Verie ever disappears (knock on wood) there'll be a back-up in place to battle challengers.

/.-, Bob
I think that'd be a great idea, actually. Even for when I'm still around, there are times when I'm busy with exams or whatever, so then one of the apprentices can step up for the duration of that time. ^.^
Well apparently penguinsane doesn't want us to have two apprentices despite all of us thinking that it's a good set-up. So I've volunteered to step down so that both of the past gyms are represented in the new gyms leadership. I'll keep my defense team around just in case though.
At the very least, I think you'll be able to fill in for verie, right? I mean, there's gonna be a time when someone will need to step in for emergencies, etc...
Ironically with a little shifting my defending team is still legal for merged gym...
    3 of primary types (must contain 1 of each type):
  • Houndoom(Fire)
  • Flareon(Fire)
  • Dragonite(Dragon)

    3 of any type with a move of types (must contain 1 of each type):
  • Charizard(Dragon - Dragon Dance/Outrage)
  • Ampharos(Fire - Fire Punch)
  • Donphan(Fire - Fire Fang)
Quick question, would there be a time that we could all get together like in a chat room or something to hopefully meet with our dragon counter-parts, introduce ourselves, offer help and such ?

I've got mIRC, Ventrillo, I may still have teamspeak on here somewhere... though I think in terms of universal connectivity, best option would be IRC, if you're not familiar with Seribii.net there's a java chat on there that connects to a IRC server, I can write up instructions for making/connecting to a chat room for us on there.
I have IRC, so I can meet at whatever time!
Cool, I just finished showing the Dragon apprentice how to connect to an IRC channel.

For right now I'm sitting on the server "irc.dejatoons.net" in the channel "#Midevil_Gym" I got frankiebeatdown here, but he says he doesn't know where the leader is.
I'm trying to use IRC, but I'm not able to connect... How do I get into the room?
If you'll hop on AIM I'll talk you though it, just send me a message.

/.-, Bob

I'm from the dragon gym and I'll try to stay on the IRC channel today and tomorrow.
HEY!!! Glad to meet ya! ^____^
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